Mr. Alain Totorika


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Mr. Alain Totorika obtained his degree of Psychology  from the University of Deusto, Spain in 1997. He continued his education to specialise in children and adolescents therapy from 1998 to 2002.  He is a recognised specialist by the Spanish Society of psychiatry and psychotherapy for children and adolescents.

Alain has worked as a professor at the University of Managua from 2015 to 2019. He has done extensive community and volunteer work such as Psychologist without borders in Haiti.

He is passionate about his work with children and adolescents. He is convinced the practice of sports as well as the enjoyment of reading are a fundamental part in the well-being of a child.

We are thrilled to have Alain in our team. He will have his own consultations and fulfil a fundamental need in the Smiles by Maria clinic.

Alain treats his patients in his native language of Spanish. However he is fluent in English and French