Dr. Alexandra Balikdjian


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Dr. Alexandra Balikdjian obtained her Master’s in Psychology in 2004 and a PhD in Psychology in 2016 from the Université Libre de Brussels.

Since early in her career Alexandra has been involved in teaching and research at ULB. She has taught to bachelor as well as master of psychology students.

Dr. Balikdjian followed a university formation in hypnotherapy and since 2013 is a member of the National Guild Hypnotists. This is fundamental in dentistry to help adults by mostly kids with extreme fear of the dentist.

For Alexandra it is the person, the individual at the centre of all her research and clinical efforts. She is passionate about psychological therapy and finds the plurality of academic and private clinical work incredible enriching and motivating.

Dr. Balikdjian has her own private practice where she provides personalized therapy customised to each individual’s needs. We are honoured to have Dr. Balikdjian as a collaborator and as an important member of the Smiles team.

Alexandra speaks French, English and Dutch.